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"SPACE" Stickers

"SPACE" Stickers

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The Space Adventure of Tommy, Marti, and their friend Cat

Tommy and Marti were curious kids who dreamed of space. One day, their friend Cat built a rocket that could fly. Together, Tommy and Marti climbed aboard a colorful spaceship and soared towards distant planets. Their first stop was Candy Planet, where they tasted colorful sweets.

The next planet was Laughter Planet, where clouds looked like giant jokes. Tommy and Marti laughed so much that they resembled a comet. Their third stop was Music Planet, where stars sparkled like notes. Tommy and Marti danced to the rhythm of galactic melodies.

Suddenly, they encountered friendly aliens with funny antennas. The aliens invited them to an intergalactic game called "Catch the Stars." After many adventures, Tommy and Marti returned with galactic stories. Tommy and Marti's friends on Earth were amazed by the colorful narratives of the universe.

From that day on, not only Tommy, Marti, and Cat dreamed of space, but also all the other little explorers on Earth.

The game includes 150 space stickers that can be reattached as many times as you like. They include stickers of rockets, aliens, satellites, planets, constellations, and many different stars, so you can build your galaxy in your favorite setting!

An art piece with 150 stickers that you can take anywhere. Create your favorite galaxy, as many times as you want, with removable stickers!


Adhesive paper
Teresa Bellón
28x15,5x1,5 cm
Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.
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