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"SEA" Stickers

"SEA" Stickers

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Once upon a time, in the heart of the ocean, there was a magical and colorful world inhabited by unique marine creatures. Amongst brilliant corals and dancing algae, lived a graceful mermaid named Marina. Marina loved exploring the depths of the ocean and making friends with marine inhabitants.

One day, as she swam through the sun rays penetrating the water, Marina encountered Tim, a brave diver. Tim wore a diving suit and had special tools to help him breathe underwater. Marina and Tim became fast friends.

Together, they explored secret caves, enchanted corals, and met friendly tropical fish. Tim showed Marina how to use his scuba diving equipment, and Marina told magical stories of legendary marine creatures.

During one of their adventures, they found an old treasure map indicating the location of a magical shell, rumored to grant wishes. They decided to embark on their greatest adventure, followed by curious fish eager to join their mission.

They navigated through coral mazes, overcame marine challenges, and encountered mysterious creatures. In the end, they found the magical shell. Making a wish, Marina and Tim asked that their underwater world always remain a magical and safe place for all marine creatures.

With the magical shell in their hearts, they returned home, bringing incredible memories and new friends. From that day on, the ocean continued to be a place of wonders and adventures, where the mermaid and the diver happily explored together. The magic of the ocean enveloped them, making their underwater world a enchanting place.

The game includes 150 marine stickers that can be reattached as many times as desired. They include seaweed, fish, mermaids, and scuba divers, so you can build the underwater backdrop of your dreams on your favorite setting!

A creative artwork with 150 stickers that can be taken anywhere. Create the underwater scene you love the most, as many times as you want, with these removable stickers!


Adhesive paper
Queralt Armengol
Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.
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