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The 'my little train' puzzle offers a fun way for children to learn counting from 1 to 10. A train with different carriages, each consisting of 3 puzzle pieces, makes the journey particularly exciting.

For each carriage, the number of characters increases, encouraging the playful introduction of numbers. Additionally, there are wooden pieces that fit into each carriage, displaying the number of passengers, assisting the child in counting and associating. The puzzle not only aims to teach counting but also promotes logical-mathematical thinking.

Children can establish the connection between the numbers and the number of characters in each carriage, strengthening their cognitive abilities. Made from recycled cardboard, the puzzle also emphasizes environmental friendliness.

Recommended for children aged 2 and up, it's a fun and educational way to explore basic mathematical concepts.

3x10 pieces

Box: 19x19x8 cm

Dimension: 200cm x 15cm

Illustration: Tell Darne

Londji, Made in Barcelona

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