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"MY CITY" Stickers

"MY CITY" Stickers

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Once upon a time, there was an elephant named Elli who loved riding a bicycle. With her large ears fluttering in the wind, she happily pedaled through the city. The other animals were amazed at how skillfully Elli moved on her little bicycle.

One day, Red Riding Hood decided to visit her grandmother by car. The wolf, having learned from his last adventure, decided to accompany her and promised to be kind this time. Together, they crossed the city, and the wolf told Red Riding Hood funny stories to make the journey more enjoyable.

Meanwhile, three curious mice decided to go on an exciting bus trip. They boarded their little mouse bus and began the journey through the city streets. Along the way, they sang cheerful songs and admired the scenery.

Whether on a bicycle, in a car, or on a bus, all the animals had fun in their own way and experienced exciting adventures in their travels. And so, another day in the magical fairy-tale city came to an end.

The game includes 150 urban stickers that can be reattached as many times as desired. They include houses, cars, trees, roads, and traffic signs to build the city of your dreams on your favorite backdrop!

An artistic piece with 150 stickers that can be taken anywhere. Create the city you like the most, as many times as you want, with removable stickers!


Adhesive paper
Txell Darné
28x15,5x0,3 cm
Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.
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