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In spring, our apple tree welcomes a family of squirrels, a nest full of little birds, playful owls, and a mischievous cat. Underground, mice, rabbits, and moles hide in their shelters. By autumn, we have already harvested the sweet apples.

Discover what our friends do until the return of beautiful weather! On one side, we find spring, and on the other, autumn. Once the tree is assembled (10 puzzle pieces), the child can insert the other pieces into the tree (10 puzzle pieces). They will become familiar with the concepts of seasonal changes and forest inhabitants. The pieces are very large and designed for small hands.

A reversible and connective puzzle with a tree in the center: a special puzzle designed on both sides. "Reversible" means that you can flip the puzzle to see a different scene or perspective. "Connective" refers to the fact that the puzzle pieces are related and can be joined to complete the overall picture.

Marvel at how nature changes from spring to autumn! Observe different scenes on both sides of the puzzle. Be attentive and curious about changes in nature during different seasons!

The puzzle pieces are specially larger to be more suitable for the hands of young children, facilitating grip, assembly, and play for younger players who are still developing their fine motor skills. This puzzle provides an educational and enjoyable way for children to explore the concepts of seasons and changes in nature while simultaneously enhancing their motor skills.

Composition FSC paper and recycled cardboard

Illustration Txell Darné

Size 40 x 67 cm

Box dimensions 30,8x20,2x8 cm

Londji, Made in Barcelona

Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.

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