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"MEOW" Balancing game

"MEOW" Balancing game

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"Meow! Mom, look at what the kitten can do! It flips onto its back and amazes us with its incredible acrobatics. How does it do that? It takes a bit of patience and gentleness to stack a small mountain of yarn balls on this beautiful cat. But with a bit of practice and elegance, I'm sure you can do it too, right?

A fantastic Montessori wooden balancing game - sustainable and durable over time.

Dive into the delightful game "Meow!", where you'll play with this charming cat, carefully placing all the yarn balls without letting them fall. This wooden game is designed for the whole family and offers hours of fun.

The excitement begins when the yarn balls are distributed among the players and then placed in turns. The youngest player opens the game by delicately placing the first ball on the cat, being careful not to drop any yarn. The other players do the same in turns, trying to maintain balance. If a player drops any balls, they collect them and add them to their pile. The game ends when a player successfully places all their yarn balls.

All pieces are made of birch plywood and solid beech wood, colored with water-based paints. The use of local materials emphasizes the sustainability of this unique toy, manufactured in Barcelona.

"Meow!" is more than a balancing game - it's an artistic challenge. The most skillful player who can accurately balance the yarn balls on the cat becomes the winner of this captivating game. Immerse yourself in the world of fun with this wooden game and experience joy and entertainment for the whole family.

Birch veneer and solid beech wood with water-based stains
Queralt Armengol
23 x 11 cm
21,7x22x2 cm
Londji, Made in Barcelona
Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.

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