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Gum Massagers for Newborns

Gum Massagers for Newborns

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Delight your little one's gums with our silicone gum massager, accompanied by a natural wooden ring! Designed specifically for babies aged 3 to 9 months, this set provides relief and comfort during the teething period.

The gum massager is made with soft and 100% safe silicone, designed to soothe your baby's irritated gums while they chew and experience tactile sensation. Its ergonomic shape and various textures promote the sensory and motor development of the child, while the vibrant colors stimulate their curiosity.

Alongside the gum massager, the natural wooden ring offers a natural and safe alternative for your baby. Smooth and lightweight, it's perfect for the stage when teeth are about to emerge, providing gentle relief to sensitive gums.

Face the teething phase with serenity and style thanks to our silicone gum massager and wooden ring!

100% BPA free silicone

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