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Imagine the sun nearing the horizon, and a very special celebration is approaching - the unicorn's birthday! The invitation reads: In 10 minutes, we'll meet at the fairy house to bake a cake together and prepare a lovingly chosen gift.

This enchanting gathering promises to be a magical time full of joy and surprises. To heighten the anticipation of the little guests, there are 5 progressive puzzles. These start with simple 2-piece puzzles and escalate to 10 pieces. The puzzles are not only educational but also reversible, allowing them to adapt to different difficulty levels and providing the youngest participants with a sense of accomplishment.

The protagonist of this celebration is the unicorn, guiding the children through this magical journey of friendship. The atmosphere is charged with excitement and anticipation as the little participants share adventures with the unicorn, discovering important values like collaboration and friendship.

This celebration is not just a birthday party for the unicorn but also an opportunity for children to unleash their imagination and social skills. The combination of storytelling, puzzles, and creativity creates a unique experience for little explorers and their friends at the fairy house.

Composition FSC paper and recycled cardboard

Illustration Txell Darné

Size 33 x 37,5cm (Unicorn) - 7,5 x 8 cm (Cupcake)

Box dimensions 19x19x7,7 cm

Londji, Made in Barcelona

Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.

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