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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the forest, where our bear friends enjoy the sweet honey of the bees. But in this forest, you'll find more than just trees and bears – it's full of life! The puzzle not only presents the challenge of assembling 24 pieces but also reveals a lively scene with a variety of insects and creatures surrounding the bears in the forest.

Once the puzzle is completed, the discovery journey continues. In the picture, there are 24 different pieces to find. This not only sharpens children's attention but also promotes fine motor skills and visual perception.

Little explorers can focus on searching for hidden characters in the image, learning through play. This 24-piece puzzle is not just a fun activity but also an observation game that sparks children's curiosity.

The variety of animals and insects hidden in the image makes the game educational and stimulates imagination. A fantastic opportunity to explore the world of the forest and have fun with puzzles!

Composition FSC paper and recycled cardboard

Illustration Anna Aparicio Català

Size 30 x 60 cm

Box dimensions 19x19x8 cm

Londji, Made in Barcelona

Warning! Not suitable for children under three years. Small parts.

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