La formula per un'infanzia felice

The formula for happiness

In order to be happy, we need to experience safety and security. Building a close bond between ourselves and our children is crucial. Your child depends entirely on a good relationship with the people close to him and on a sense of belonging: It is important for children to be a WE. Children grow up surrounded by their parents – and vice versa. The emotional bond you build between you and your child depends on your daily family life, the atmosphere you create, and how you treat your child, on good days and bad.

1. Create a safe place to retreat: Children need adults who can comfort them, hug them and endure their problems, big and small. From an early age, we must give them trust, security and security that convey to them: “I can stay here”, “I feel comfortable here”. This way your child understands that you are preferable to everyone else, that they always find support in you, that they can come to you in any situation - and that you understand them. When children realize that they have a safe haven from which to explore the world, they have more self-confidence and are encouraged to believe that everything will somehow work out and that they can cope with any situation.

2. Be a community: People need to feel like they are part of a community and children also need to know that they belong to a group, that they are part of it. That's why family rituals and shared interests are so important. Whether there are two of you or seven, you all need things that are available only to you: solid meals, watching TV or playing games together, your sense of humor, etc. Show your child that you belong by giving him allow him to have personal things that he likes and can take care of in all the rooms of the apartment, and by organizing everyday life and holidays with activities and a rhythm that suits his preferences. Every single family member. . Adapt family life to the age of the members. When children feel like they belong in the community, they naturally develop a sense of social security that they can take with them when they leave home and go out into the world.

3. Give your child validation: Children need to feel that their feelings are being taken seriously and validated, and that they are being helped to deal with strong emotions that they cannot yet understand. This is important because it enables children to get along with those closest to them and with all the other people they gradually meet in their lives. Children need to be able to name what is happening in and around them. This applies to both kindergarten and teenage years.

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