La copertina ideale per il tuo bambino

The ideal baby blanket

Who doesn't cherish it? The first baby blanket is a very special memory of our newborn. But not only for us parents, it's also one of the baby's first important companions. One of the initial beloved objects that provides comfort and is always ready for cuddling. The baby blanket offers protection and security, giving the baby a good feeling. It is associated with positive vibes and restful sleep.

Therefore, it's important to incorporate the baby blanket into the everyday sleep routines from the beginning. Both at home and on the go, it can provide comfort and soothing in emergencies. Some children even use the baby blanket until they are 3-4 years old.

At what age does a baby no longer need a sleeping bag? Scientists have found that the right time to wean a child off a sleeping bag is around 12 months of age. After that, it's recommended to switch to a flat pillow and a blanket. Children usually accept this transition without problems, and it shouldn't be associated with a new bed or room change. The gentler the change, the easier babies can accept and adapt to it.

What materials should one consider for a baby blanket? The best baby blankets are those that keep babies neither too sweaty nor too cold. A muslin blanket is particularly advisable as it can be used both in winter and summer. Muslin has a heat-regulating property, is especially gentle on the fine baby skin, and is very pleasant and lightweight due to its soft texture.

How do I clean a baby blanket? It is sufficient to wash the baby blanket once a week with regular use. In case of heavier soiling, the stain can be soaked immediately with a little dish soap and then washed in the machine at 30 or 40 degrees. Muslin blankets should be spun at a low speed. It is emphasized that fabric softeners should not be used when washing baby blankets, as their fragrances can irritate mucous membranes and trigger allergies.

What materials are Coco Moon's baby blankets made of? Our baby blankets are made from 100% cotton. This material is comfortable, quick-drying, and an opaque "double gauze muslin." The advantages of natural cotton include its antibacterial effect, high breathability, and high moisture absorption.

How warm should it be in the child's sleeping room? The ideal room temperature is between 18-20 degrees Celsius. Whether it's cold or warm in the child's room should be checked with a thermometer and maintained both in summer and winter. Your child should not be too lightly or too heavily dressed. Most babies have a slightly elevated body temperature while sleeping and may start sweating easily. This can also be easily determined without a temperature gauge. A quick touch to the neck can provide clues, as if it's wet, it's definitely too warm or overdressed. In winter, it's also important to ensure that the baby's bed is not against an exterior wall, as these walls radiate a lot of cold during the winter months and this could negatively affect your child's health.

In summary, it is advisable not to let a child sleep too heavily dressed and to cover them with a light and breathable muslin baby blanket. Good night!

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